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Monday, Nov 2nd, 2009

Welcome to the IDW newsletter, offering your monthly dose of news and not-to-be-missed books! 

Arriving at inboxes the beginning of each month, the IDW newsletter brings highlights of the coming month, including books to look for at your local store, plus top stories from "Ryall Time" and the IDW website. Enjoy!


TRANSFORMERS #1 cover B Legion: Prophets #1 cover













IDW Digital!

Continuing to lead in the digital world, IDW has more new apps to announce for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
IDW has two great new apps this week - Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #1 and Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1!

Music Box #1 iPhone imageJennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #1 launches an exciting new horror anthology in the vein of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits. Hewitt teams up with award-winning writer Scott Lobdell on this pulse-pounding series about a haunted music box and those it possesses!
Click here to download Music Box!




Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1 app icon


Award-winning author Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez bring their hit comic series to iTunes, with the first issue of Locke & Key, which tells the story of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who walk through them.
Click here to download Locke & Key!





IDW's Fall Harvest!

The holidays are a time of giving thanks - and gifts! Luckily, IDW has a lot of both and we're starting the holiday season off in November, with dozens of new books to be thankful for!

Family Circus vol 1 coverFirst, don't miss volume one of our brand new The Family Circus collection, featuring two full years of this iconic strip, starting with the very first one from February 29, 1960! This beautiful hardcover comes to a store near you this Wednesday, November 4th!







Then just in time for Black Friday, check out The Art of Ditko and The Rocketeer: The Complete Collection, both in stores on November 25th! The Art of Ditko cover

The Art of Ditko is the first release from IDW's new imprint, Yoe Books! Edited and designed by Craig Yoe, The Art of Ditko collects the very best of this seminal creator, Steve Ditko, complete with an introduction by the one and only Stan Lee.



The Rocketeer Collection cover

The Rocketeer: The Complete Collection gathers the entire Dave Steven's saga into one handsome hardcover volume for the first time! Long considered a classic, The Rocketeer is finally back in print, with all new coloring, in both a regular and deluxe edition.










New This Month

In addition to the books listed above, here's a quick list of some of the great comics and books to look for in October. A complete list of November releases is below.

TRANSFORMERS #1 cover BTransformers #1
Mike Costa (w) Don Figueroa (a) Figueroa x 2 (c)

It's been three years since the devastating events of All Hail Megatron. The Earth has been rebuilt, the Autobots are in hiding, and the next great era in the Transformers saga is about to begin! Critically acclaimed writer Mike Costa is joined by superstar artist Don Figueroa for IDW's biggest book of the year-the launch of the first ongoing Transformers title in five years! This is what fans have been waiting for-you do not want to miss this!
FC; 32 pages; $3.99





Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1  Locke and Key: Crown of Shadows #1 cover
Joe Hill (w) Gabriel Rodriguez (a & c)

Prologue: "The Haunting of Keyhouse." Sam Lesser may be dead and gone, but Dodge still has uses for him, and in the first chill days of October, will make contact with him again. The dead know things the living may not, and Sam's restless spirit has had time to discover the thing Dodge wants to know most of all... where to find the key to the black door. The third storyline in the Eisner-nominated series begins here!

FC; 32 pages; $3.99



Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #1 coverStar Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #1
Zander Cannon (w) Javier Aranda (a) Joe Corroney (c)

Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise respond to a distress call and find a terribly wounded scientist aboard a marooned ship. While evaluating the planet below (and its two warring nations) for possible Federation membership, Picard discovers to his horror that the survivor of the disaster is foreseeing his death. Written by Eisner-nominated writer Zander Cannon (Top Ten).
FC; 32 pages; $3.99






Legion: Prophets #1 Legion: Prophets #1 cover
Scott Stewart, Tom Waltz (w) Alberto Muriel (a) J.F. Bruckner (c)

Legion is the Sony/Screen Gems feature coming in January 2010 and featuring an all-out war between Heaven and Earth. Legion: Prophets, a weekly, 4-part series, introduces us to the "Prophets"-ordinary people who have yet to understand the powers they possess and their very special role in the apocalyptic events that are about to sweep across the globe two days before Christmas. The series is plotted by the film's director, Scott Stewart, and scripted by Tom Waltz (Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward).

FC; 32 pages; $3.99



The Ghoul #1 coverThe Ghoul #1
Steve Niles (w) Bernie Wrightson (a & c)

When Los Angeles Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt finds himself in the middle of a Hollywood mystery that falls way outside the norm, he knows he's going to need a different kind of help than he's used to. He finds it in the bizarre form of The Ghoul, a monstrous investigator with a reputation for solving the world's weirdest crimes. Written and created by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), with art by industry legend Bernie Wrightson. Also included is an illustrated prose story by Niles.
FC; 32 pages; $3.99







Monthly Giveaway

Sherlock Holmes Vol 1 cover

Each month, one lucky newsletter subscriber will be our raffle winner and will receive free IDW releases from that month. Our November winner will r

eceive a copy of Sherlock Holmes, Volume One, collecting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous stories in chronological order with all new, full color illustrations by celebrated artist Kelley Jones!

Congratulations to our October winner: Nightmarecrow, who won a copy of Star Trek: Countdown HC







Inner MonologueJeff Webber image

To help celebrate our 10th anniversary, each month the newsletter will feature thoughts from different members of the IDW team. Our November "inner monologue" brings thoughts from IDW's Director of e-Publishing, Jeff Webber:

"I joined IDW a little over 6 months ago to help build our digital library. The team here is really a stellar bunch of professionals! The time has flown by -- nothing stands still at IDW and I love how quickly decisions get made. We already have hundreds of books coming out in digital form -- from iPhone and iPod touch comics to PSP to eReaders to Web comics. It's great to work with so many big brands and talented creators to bring their stories to a whole new audience, including lots of people that don't typically buy comics. We have some big announcements coming this month, so stay tuned!"





Complete List of October Releases

November 4th

Angel #27

A Christmas Carol HC coverA Christmas Carol HC

Doctor Who: Classic Series II #12

The Family Circus Collection Volume One HC

From the Ashes #6

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression #3

G.I. JOE #11

Grimjack: The Manx Cat #1 GrimJack: The Manx Cat #4 cover

Star Trek: Romulans Schism #3

Starstruck #3

TRANSFORMERS: Best of the UK: Prey #4





November 11th

The Adventures of Digger and Friends #3 coverThe Adventures of Digger & Friends #3

Angel: After the Fall Volume 2

CSI Omnibus

Doctor Who #5

Doctor Who: Classic Series Volume 4

G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes #2

The Ghoul #1G.I JOE: Snake Eyes #2 cover

Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes of Eden #3

Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1

TRANSFORMERS: Best of the UK: City of Fear TPB






November 18th

Angel: Only Human #4 cover B24 Omnibus HC

Angel: Only Human #4

Legion: Prophets #1

Rip Kirby Volume One

Robert Bloch's Lori TPB Robert Bloch's Lori cover

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #1








November 25th

The Art of Ditko

The Last Resort, Issue #4, coverG.I. JOE: Origins #9

The Last Resort #4

Legion: Prophets #2

The Rocketeer Complete Collection Volume One HC

The Rocketeer Complete Collection Deluxe Edition Volume One HC

Star Trek: Nero #3 Star Trek: Nero #3 cover

TRANSFORMERS: Tales of the Fallen #4

Tre Tarino








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