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Wednesday, Sep 2nd, 2009

Transformers: Best of the UK: Prey #2 coverIt's Wednesday again, so check out previews of IDW's new comics, like Transformers and Doctor Who, and read about our awesome books, like Angel: Blood and Trenches and Zomnibus, available starting today at your local store!

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Transformers: Best of the UK: Prey #2



Simon Furman (w) • Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson (a) • Andrew Griffith (c)

OPTIMUS PRIME finally returns to Cybertron, but the welcome is hardly warm, as the Autobot leader becomes a victim of mistaken identity. Will he survive the wrath of the Wreckers? Find out in this fan-favorite collection of classic tales from across the pond, written by TRANSFORMERS mainstay Simon Furman with an all-new cover by Andrew Griffith!



Doctor Who #3 Doctor Who #3 cover


Tony Lee (w) • Matthew Smith (a) • Paul Grist, Smith (c)

Following the shocking end of "Silver Scream," the Doctor now finds himself on trial for his life by the Shadow Proclamation! To survive, he has to prove his innocence... but the prosecution is Mister Finch from "School Reunion." Join us for the first chapter of the four-part "Fugitive" story arc, with art by Matthew Smith (The Keep).




Astro Boy Movie Adaptation #3 coverAstro Boy Movie Adaptation #3 


Scott Tipton (w) • E.J. Su (a) • Barzak (c)

The comic-book version of this fall's big screen adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's beloved Astro Boy continues its weekly release. Even better, each issue features the fantastic artistic stylings of E.J. Su!



From the Ashes #4From the Ashes, cover 4


Bob Fingerman (w & a & c)

Bob and Michele encounter MODOZ, the charismatic and strangely familiar leader of the cult situated beneath the ruins of POX News. Their new life in "The Baby Bunker" at first seems sweet, with three hots and a cot, but there's always a price to pay.



The Last Resort, Issue #2, coverThe Last Resort #2


Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (w) •  Giancarlo Caracuzzo (a) • Darwyn Cooke (c)

The madness continues as things go from bad to worse on Loramer Island! The survivors slowly realize that burning to death in a plane crash might be a welcome alternative to what waits for them on the island. Warning: this issue contains excessive violence, fiery death, rampaging zombies, and a boat of topless women! See? It ain't all bad.  





Angel: Blood and Trenches TPB Angel: Blood and Trenches TPB cover

John Byrne (w & a & c)

In Europe, war ravages nations, but a greater darkness than human conflict calls Angel back across the ocean from his distant home in America-bodies of combatants found drained of blood, and signs of an ancient evil once more abroad in the world. Writer/artist John Byrne tells an untold tale of Angel's WWI exploits!



G.I. JOE: Origins TPB coverG.I.  JOE: Origins, Vol. 1

Larry Hama (w) • Mike Hawthorne, Tom Feister (a) • Andrea DiVito (c)

THE ORIGIN OF G.I. JOE! Don't miss this historic story arc written by the returning legend Larry Hama, chronicling the forging of America's most elite fighting force and REVEALING FOR THE FIRST TIME how these wildly different characters formed an unbeatable team! Join Duke, Hawk, Stalker, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes as they become real American heroes.




GrimJack: The Manx Cat #2 GrimJack: The Manx Cat #2 cover

John Ostrander (w) • Timothy Truman (a & c)

The Manx Cat adventure continues as GrimJack John Gaunt hunts for Darlin' Lil, running into celebrated old "friends" like Blackjac Mac and Feetus along the way. As he begins to unravel the mystery of The Manx Cat, he finds himself held hostage by Darlin' Lil's astonishing origin... and a lot of unhappy Cat lovers.




Rebel TPB coverRebel

Pepe Moreno (w) • Pepe Moreno (a & c)

Following in the artistic footsteps of Möebius, Tanino Liberatore, and Enki Bilal, Pepe Moreno delivers a brutal portrait of New York City in a future that never was. It's an urban battleground, populated by outcasts and misfits-Rebels-and their guerilla war against the nasty powers that be... like the Sanitation Police, for starters.


Star Trek: Archives Vol 6 coverStar Trek: Archives Volume 6-Best of Alternative Universes TPB

Mike Barr (w) • Tom Sutton (a) • Ricardo Villagran (c)

The treacherous but intriguing tales of Star Trek's Mirror Universe are presented in this collection of the 8-part Mirror Universe Saga! Witness the deception and desperation that unfolds as the Empire sets out to conquer another universe. It will take all the guile and cunning Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise can muster if they hope to ward off the coming Empire invasion, and save themselves in the process!




Zomnibus, Vol. 1 Zomnibus cover

Chris Ryall, Shane McCarthy, El Torres (w) • Ashley Wood, Chris Bolton, Yair Herrera (a) • Wood (c)

They stalk, they rot, they eat flesh, they're the walking dead for Pete's sake. What's not to love about zombies?! Well, it's not all fun and yucks as this collection of three zombies tales will show. Ranging from the seriously scary Feast!, to the urban sprawl of Eclipse of the Undead, and finally ending with the surreal stylings of the one-and-only Ashley Wood in The Complete Zombies vs. Robots. Any way you slice it, you'll be hard-pressed to find this much zombie fodder anywhere, at any price.



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