Jennifer Love Hewitt's New Comic Book Series Coming in November

Tuesday, Aug 25th, 2009


Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #1 coverIDW to publish The Music Box 


San Diego, CA (August 25, 2009) - Award-winning actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined with IDW Publishing and created Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box, a new comic series. Currently starring in CBS's The Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt's ten-issue anthology series details a mysterious music box that causes strange occurrences for the people who possess it.

"Jennifer created a really interesting premise for a comic book series and is carrying it through with great skill," said IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. "Each story tells a standalone tale and they are all linked together by this mysterious music box."


The Music Box will be co-written by Hewitt and veteran comic scribe Scott Lobdell.  As each issue is an entirely new story, each will feature art tailored to that story's premise. The first issue, debuting in November, will showcase painted art by Michael Gaydos (Alias). Subsequent issues will feature other talented artists, such as Casey Maloney (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Adam Archer (Friday the 13th), as well as industry living legend, Joe Rubenstein.


"I'm really enjoying creating my very own comic.  The Music Box is like a very fun nightmare," said Hewitt. "It's a frightening premise to have so much malevolent energy in an inanimate object, especially something that's typically as benign as a music box. I'm so proud of The Music Box and can't wait for people to read it."


The Music Box presents a new story in each issue, as different people come into contact with the music box and have unique experiences. Be it time travel, alternative realties or just plain evil, Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box masterfully weaves new and compelling stories with every issue.


"Who knew that behind that sweet million dollar smile of hers was a mind capable of coming up with such dark and dangerous stories?" said Lobdell. "Fans of Love will be dancing to a new tune... one that's played by this mysterious music box from who only knows where."


Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box #1 (of 10) debuts in November 2009.  Diamond order code SEP09 0868



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