Andy Hartnell talks Danger Girl: Trinity

Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 2013

Hello out there all you IDW Fanatics! Today we have a very special interview with Andy Hartnell, the co-creator of the magnificent Danger Girl series, and we were lucky enough to toss out some questions his way on the upcoming Danger Girl: Trinity! Do you like Danger? Excitement? Espionage? Then be sure to pick up Danger Girl: Trinity when it comes out on (insert release date here). Until then, we offer you this EXCLUSIVE interview with Andy Hartnell in the hopes that it gives you enough of a Danger Girl fix that will carry you over to the books official release. Enjoy!

What can fans of Danger Girl expect from Danger Girl: Trinity? Will there be any events that will completely shake up their world

It's an opportunity to see the girls in a new light, to spotlight each in a separate adventure and see how they operate on their own. They're still Danger Girls, but they're not working together as the Danger Girl team. 

Danger Girl: Trinity features three different artists for each of the Danger Girl's adventures; what were some of the deciding factors in regards to what artists would tackle which adventure?

Since this book follows the Danger Girl / G.I. Joe crossover, we wanted John Royle and Phil Moy, the art team behind that book, to lead us into this new story.  They're following Abbey's adventure, and it's her story that the other girls' stories sort of revolve around.  So I guess it came down to having an artist that our readers have already identified with, and having a familiar art style to carry the central part of the story.

Harvey Talibao is following Sydney Savage, and she's really showing off the slick and sexy "secret agent" side of Danger Girl.  We knew Harvey would really excel at bringing that sharp and modern look to Sydney's part of the story.

There's a lot of over-the-top action and humor in our Sonya Savage story, and Stephen Molnar is really bringing that one to life.  So I guess there was an idea behind who should draw what.  But honestly, each one of these guys could do the other's character if they wanted to; they're three incredibly talented guys.

Were there any unusual challenges that came with the approach of working with three different artists?

I wouldn't say "challenges", but there was maybe a little more pitching of the idea than usual - just trying to explain the whole idea of doing three separate-yet-connected stories, following three characters, with three different artists.  Once everyone got the idea and jumped on board, it was pretty easy to coordinate everything with the help of our fearless editor, and good pal, Scott Dunbier.

Sydney Savage's sister, Sonya, has replaced original member Natalia Kassle on the Danger Girl team; will we be given any more insight into her background and her relationship with her sister Sydney? 

Sonya was a freelance bounty hunter before joining Danger Girl, and we get a really good look at that part of her life in this series. And even though Sonya only takes up a third of this story, we see more from her than ever before.  Her personality, her skills, and her relationship with Sydney are highlighted pretty well in the time we share with her.

Speaking of Natalia, do you miss writing her as a Danger Girl, or are you fonder of the current roster? What are some of the big differences between the two teams?

I'm ALWAYS thinking of Natalia when writing Danger Girl.  But what can we do?  She's dead, right?  She did have a very big and exciting life before joining and eventually betraying the Danger Girl team.  I'd like to dive into that one day.  So yeah, Natalia will always be a favorite of ours, but I think Sonya's really gonna surprise a lot of people in this story.  She'll be a new favorite; Stephen Molnar just really nailed the character.

In Issue #1 we very briefly see Deuce and Silicon Valerie; will they be featured more heavily within the story, or is your focus mainly going to be on Abbey and the Savage sisters?

Deuce and Val appear throughout the story, as do other characters, but they're only in a supporting role this time.  We're really focusing on the three girls - our Danger Girl "Trinity".



Thanks Andy! Go get your hands on Danger Girl: Trinity #1 on (insert release date) and keep your browsers locked on to for more interviews, news, and previews for all of your favorite IDW titles!

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