Post-WonderCon: IDW QA!

Monday, Apr 1st, 2013

WonderCon was an amazing show this year!  Tons of fans, panels, and comics.  Unfortunately though we couldn't get to everyone's questions during the IDW Panel on Saturday but IDW EiC, Chris Ryall, took sometime out this morning to make sure we could still get answers for you.  Check them out!

Andy Turnbull ‏‪@andrewdturnbull (via Twitter): Is there any prospect of a reprint of Transformers: Generation 2 either as a series or in a couple of trades?

CR: Not likely any time soon, no. But pretty much everything from any era of Gen 1 is back in print.

Andy Senyszyn ‏‪@zhgingaah (via Twitter): Qs for As: How come TF Classics UK and IDW coll. hardcovers have been delayed so much? Quicker releases for subsequent volumes?

CR: Those are big books, and they're more expensive than the average TPBs, so we've been cautious about having them released too soon. We want our fans to be able to get the books they want and be able to eat and live...

Andy Senyszyn ‏‪@zhgingaah (via Twitter): What can you and what can you not tell us about TF: Shockpoint? Are we crossing over 2 or even 3 series here? How BIG is it?

CR: That was discussed Sunday at the Transformers panel and will be talked up more and more as we get closer to it happening.

Andy Senyszyn ‏‪@zhgingaah (via Twitter): Finally, do you have a warm cosy feeling inside from the great fan feedback? You should - last 18 months has been epic! Thanks!

CR: Most definitely-the support is always appreciated, and it's amazingly gratifying to see how well fans have responded to what John Barber and James Roberts have been doing on those series, as well as the Furman/Wildman series and the Metzen/Dille/Ramondelli digital comics, too.

Steve Flack (via Facebook): Any chance for deluxe editions of the new Rocketeer books to match the slipcase edition of the classic Dave Stevens stuff?

CR: Certainly a good possibility down the line; right now, all those books are available in shiny new hardcovers, so we wouldn't want to rush any deluxe versions that get in the way of those?

Jesse Gutierrez (via Facebook): Why do the Godzilla comics need to have way too much human interaction rather than more monster action? is something i would ask. Plus i would want him to get the write to get rid of that annoying character Boxer from the series!

CR: Well, on the first part of your question, I think if you don't have strong human characters interacting and reacting to the giant-monster insanity around them, the story would easily get crushed under a giant kaiju foot. Even cool scenes of monsters knocking down buildings or fighting each other across a city tend to get tedious if there's no repercussions or reactions beyond just smashing things to pieces.

Holy Frickkin Sanjula (via Facebook): Will Joe Hill be doing any more projects for IDW after Locke and Key: Omega wraps up?

CR: Most definitely. We're launching Thumbprint with Joe, Jason Ciaramella and Vic Malhotra in June, Joe's working on a series called The Wraith that will tie in with his novel NOS4A2 (out April 30), talking about other Locke & Key one-shots and we're talking about something else big, too. Joe'll have a home here as long as we're making comics.

Jeff Hendrix (via Facebook): Will GI JOE: A Real American hero celebrate their 200th issue?

CR: In a big way. As will Transformers: Regeneration One, which is approaching its 100th issue at just about the same time as RAH's 200th issue. Hmm...

Nicholas Calhoun (via Facebook): anything else IDW is planning for Mars Attacks?

CR: We are. After the Layman/McCrae series wraps at issue 10, there'll be another one-shot, Mars Attacks: Classics Obliterated; and then two other big Mars Attacks projects are in the works for fall and beyond.

Chris Eginitis (via Facebook): How about bringing back the Metal Gear & Silent Hill comic series, ‘cause I really enjoyed them.

CR: We're actively planning to bring one of those two back this year.

Mike Beyer (via Facebook): Any possibility of a Jurassic Park prequel story set in the development of Hammond and ingen?

CR: No plans to go back to that point, but with a new movie coming, we're talking about some good things we could do.

Ryan M. Maxwell (via Facebook): Given the success of the original Popeye comics, will be seeing any more? And will the reprints of the Bud Sagendorf Popeye comics continue?

CR: The reprints are continuing, yes. The regular Popeye comics are going to take a break, despite us loving them (the final issue, 12, is maybe the best of the bunch, and Roger Langridge, who handles story and art on that one, while also bringing in Barney Google for a nice guest-spot, did some really amazing work on the issue). But we're hopeful we can bring him back before too long.

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