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Tuesday, Apr 9th, 2013

The Colonized is packed with pretty much everything worth caring about; Zombies? Check. Aliens? Absolutely. Dysfunctional humans trying to make sense of it all while keeping their flesh and brains intact? You better believe it! IDW's very own Editor-in-chief is the madman behind The Colonized, and he was nice enough to take some time to do a little Q&A on all things relating to The Colonized. Check it out!

In The Colonized you have a combination of Aliens, Zombies…and a town full of gun toting humans fighting amongst themselves; who stands a better chance at walking out of this alive (or undead)?
I’d say if anyone were laying odds, betting on the humans could well be a mistake. The story takes place in a town of separatists, people who for various reasons had grown disenchanted with the American dream and struck out on their own. As far as they’re concerned, the government can’t be trusted and likely knew about these aliens in the first place. So when the various outsiders come, they have nowhere to turn—the last thing they’d ever do is call the authorities for help. And the aliens are vastly outnumbered and quite perplexed by the zombie situation they inadvertently caused. So I’d have to give the zombies the edge, but of course, various factors might happen throughout the series to change those odds…

How much do the Aliens know about the human race? Why would they choose to land in Montana as opposed to a more densely populated location?
They don’t really know anything – they’re not quite bumbling, since they did make it here from another world, but the captain of the ship is possibly more interested in becoming famous on his planet for making this journey than anything else, so he hasn’t taken every proper precaution he maybe should have…

Will we find out how and why the Dead are rising from their graves, or are you intentionally going to be keeping it vague?
We do find out, yes. I didn’t want it to be another one of those stories where people are told that it doesn’t matter why they’re here, just how humans react to them. Well, here, it matters and is a story point.

Is there a possibility that we might see any Zombie Aliens?
That’s another of the big questions I didn’t want to shy away from. What happens when a zombie bites an alien. We’ll definitely see what happens, and it’s a bit unexpected (I hope).

The human characters stand divided in the aftermath of Huxley’s Father’s death; will they be a threat to one another, or will they unite in order to protect their town against the Zombie horde?
The humans there were at odds before the aliens came, and the crazy adversity that happens once they and the zombies show up just exacerbates an already tenuous situation. In other words, there’s not a lot of unity in Carbon Falls and it only gets worse as the series goes along.

How will Huxley’s more liberal views affect his interactions with the creatures from space? Will the other residents of Carbon Falls feel the same way about how to treat their guests from another world?
He’s at least a bit more inclined to not instantly distrust them just because they’re different. Others in the community feel like the government must have known about them all along and don’t trust any outsiders, and especially not aliens with shadowy reasons for being there. The town quickly splits into two encampments with very different solutions on how to deal with the problems they now face.


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