Transformers: Robots in Digsuise #1 Available This Week!

Tuesday, Jan 24th, 2012

The first issue of Transformers: Robots in Disguise is available tomorrow!


Transformers: Robots in Digsuise #1

TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #1

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John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a) • Marcelo Matere x 4, Griffith (c)
The war for Cybertron is over—now the hard part begins!
This first of two new ongoing Transformers series offers an excellent jumping-on point and all-new direction as BUMBLEBEE and his fellow AUTOBOTS struggle to maintain control of a world without OPTIMUS PRIME!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:   
Wraparound Marcelo Matere cover, featuring the inter-connected image of all 4 covers!
Autobot logo temporary tattoos!
Dan Khanna hand-drawn Autobot sketch cover!

Bullet points:   
ONE UNIVERSE! This series, in conjunction with Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, expands the Transformers universe into exciting, unexplored territory.
Never read an IDW TRANSFORMERS book? THIS is the place to start!
4 inter-connected covers by Marcelo Matere, each featuring a character from the new ongoing series, combining to make one image!
All covers have an eye-catching foil enhancement!

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