Senior Editor Position Available at IDW

Monday, May 16th, 2011


IDW is looking for a Senior Editor!

Do you think you have what it takes and are up for the challenge? Read the job description below and follow the instructions to apply for the position.


Senior Editor Job Description

1.    Work directly with Chief Creative Officer on licensed properties as well as additional comic book and graphic novels and related projects

2.    Manage all aspects of your titles’ development, including but not limited to:
       a.    Developing story ideas and proposals with a writer, and developing character art and cover art with art teams

       b.    Ensuring licensor or creator approval at all stages, including proposal, script, cover art, solicitation copy, b&w art, color art, and  final lettered PDFs

       c.    Copy-editing of scripts, lettered pages and proofs
       d.    Working with creative team to ensure deadlines are met
       e.    Preparing any additional documents needed for production, including page lineups, creator credits, and letters columns

3.    Maintain relationships with and serve as primary point of contact for Hasbro on all Hasbro-related projects, including but not limited to Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Dungeons & Dragons licenses

4.    Supervise Assistant Editors on projects

5.    Attend daily production meetings and update the Chief Creative Officer on status of all your projects

6.    Brainstorm with the Editor-in-Chief on new directions or creators for existing licensed books, new creator-owned titles, and potential new licenses to pursue

7.    Assist public relations firm with development of press releases, including providing them information on the title, editing the press release, and getting creator and/or licensor quotes and approvals

8.    Maintain relationship with Diamond Distribution
       a.    Prepare monthly comic solicitations and cover images for your titles
       b.    Prepare quarterly book solicitations for your titles

9.    Conduct panels at trade shows and comic book conventions

10.   Create and send marketing material and preview pages to web sites for press coverage

11.   On a daily basis, download art from ftp server, to include:
       a.    Post and rename art in the appropriate folders
       b.    Update the production schedule with new page counts
       c.    Resizing images for approvals
       d.    Printing and ballooning pages as they arrive

12.   Other duties as needed

All serious candidates need strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills.

Position is based in San Diego, CA. No remote positions will be considered. Please submit cover letter and resume to


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