The Last Unicorn Has Arrived

Wednesday, Apr 28th, 2010

Six-issue miniseries of Peter S. Beagle's enduring tale starts todayThe Last Unicorn #1 cover

"Absolutely beautiful" - Blair Butler,

"The only word for this comic is perfect." -

San Diego, CA (April 28, 2010) - Peter S. Beagle's acclaimed and enchanting fantasy, The Last Unicorn, has delighted fans for more than forty years. Now, IDW Publishing is pleased to launch The Last Unicorn comic book adaptation of Beagle's acclaimed novel. Called "absolutely beautiful" by G4TV's Blair Butler, the first installment of this six-issue adaptation is now available in comic stores throughout North America. Under the close direction of Beagle himself, writer Peter B. Gillis, illustrator Renae De Liz and her husband, colorist Ray Dillon, have all joined forces with IDW to capture the depth of this heartfelt story.

"I'm delighted that IDW is doing this adaptation of my book," says Beagle, "and by the real effort everyone there has made to stay true to what I wrote. Together with the creative team of Peter, Renae, and Ray, they are achieving something I honestly hadn't believed possible and I cannot wait for fans to see it."

Debuting at WonderCon 2010, the first issue has already received high praise from critics and fans alike. recently joined the ranks of The Last Unicorn #1 fans, saying "The only word for this comic is perfect. Really, it's hard to find any other word for this." The glowing review ends with more praise: "It's a guaranteed great read and a definite candidate for best of the year."

The Last Unicorn was originally published in 1968 and became an instant classic, selling more than five million copies worldwide. Beagle created some of the most delightful and real characters in modern fantasy fiction, and also wrote the screenplay for the incredibly popular animated film that was adapted from his novel.

By turns darkly humorous and deeply moving, The Last Unicorn follows what may be the very last unicorn on her journey to discover what happened to the rest of her kind. The unicorn encounters a magical cast of both good and evil characters during her quest, as she explores a world transformed by the lack of unicorns, and by the selfish disillusionment of a king.

The Last Unicorn #1 (of 6, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code FEB10 0936.



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