Jennifer Love Hewitt Creates New Comic Book Series

IDW will release The Music Box in November 2009 JLH's The Music Box


San Diego, CA (July 26, 2009) – Award-winning actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is teaming up with IDW Publishing to release Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Music Box, a new comic series created by Hewitt. Currently starring in CBS’s Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt‘s ten-issue anthology series details a mysterious music box that causes strange occurrences for the people who possess it.

“Love has created a really interesting premise for a comic book series,” said IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. “Each story tells a standalone tale and they are all linked together by this mysterious music box.”

The Music Box will be written by veteran comic scribe Scott Lobdell, and each issue will feature art tailored to the story’s premise. The first issue, debuting in November, will showcase painted art by Michael Gaydos (Alias). Subsequent issues will feature other talented artists, such as Casey Maloney (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Adam Archer (Friday the 13th), as well as a special team-up by industry living legends George Tuska and Joe Rubenstein.

“The chance to create my very own comic, and a horror/thriller at that, is like a very fun nightmare come true,” said Hewitt. “I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that an inanimate object can hold as much malevolent energy as a human being can. And when they two meet, or are at cross purposes, very bad things can happen. I’m so proud of The Music Box and can’t wait for people to read it… with the lights on, of course!” 

The Music Box presents a new story in each issue, as different people coming into contact with the music box and having unique experiences. Be it time travel, alternative realties or just plain evil, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Music Box masterfully weaves new and compelling stories with every issue.

“The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Tales of the Crypt, Eerie, Creepy, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and even Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery — classic scary page turners one and all!  Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Music Box is a horror/mystery/thriller anthology series in that grand tradition,” said Lobell.  “Tasked with the responsibility of turning Love’s vision into reality has been a total thrill. And without giving anything away I can tell you that no one comes away from their encounter with the music box unscathed!”


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Music Box #1 (of 10) debuts in November 2009.