Funko Five Questions – Strawberry Shortcake: Funko Universe


For five consecutive weeks, we’ll be asking the creative teams behind the different Funko Universe one-shots five Funko-related questions.
This week we have creators Georgia Ball and Valentina Pinto of the Strawberry Shortcake: Funko Universe issue. Pick up your copy of the newest edition to the IDW Funko Universe at your local comic book stores TOMORROW!


1. What do you see as the major difference between the standard versions of these characters and the Funko versions?

Valentina Pinto: The major difference that I see between the standard versions of Strawberry Shortcake and the Funko versions are so many, but at the same time they unite and make them both unique. The standard version is classic and soft, very different from the funny square shape of Funko version. But both enclose each one in a different way, an irresistible lure vintage that we all worship, and the older generations who played with dolls of the standard version of Strawberry Shortcake, and the new generations who appreciate both the beauty of the standard version that outstanding innovation and sympathy of Funko version.

Georgia Ball: The current branding for Strawberry Shortcake has modernized her into a tech savvy and entrepreneurial pre-teen. As much as I’ve loved writing for that version of the character, the Funko version takes her back to the sweet country baker I grew up with. Her 1980s conflicts always revolved around some very basic plan formed by the Purple Pie Man to ruin her day.


2. Is this your first time writing/drawing for these characters, and if not, how is your approach different?

VP: It was not my first time I designed the characters of Strawberry Shortcake. With David Hedgecock, I already had the opportunity to draw even in their most recent version. In this story there were two “first times” for me: to draw Strawberry Shortcake in her classic version and to draw her in Funko version at the same time. It was really fun and challenging! I enjoyed it a lot!

GB: I’ve written 20 issues of Strawberry Shortcake for two different publishers, but this was my first time writing for her original incarnation. Her personality hasn’t changed much but her friends have changed a lot, so I brought them back to their original selves. Raspberry is bossy, Lemon Meringue is vain and Huckleberry Pie would rather go back to bed.


3. What makes (your character) a good fit for the Funko Universe of comics?

VP: All of the characters are perfect for Strawberry World Funko Universe of comics because with all the fruit, flowers and colors with the whole outline of their colorful world in Funko version is even more fun and their expressions are incomparable. It would be fun to see them continue to interact in many other adventures in their Funko version. I am very curious!

GB: The Funko figures are particularly nice on a shelf because the old Strawberry Shortcake character designs were covered in patterns. They always came with pets so that was an equally fun addition, but the best part was their berry scent. Valentina brought much of that to the comic with lots of beautiful, concentrated color.


4. Now that you’ve worked with these characters in the Funko Universe setting, what other characters do you think would be fun to Funko-ize?

VP: It would be really great for me to see the Funko Version of Jem and the Holograms, Tatsunoko’s characters and Addams Family!

GB: I think Stranger Things would translate well.


5. Do you own any Funko Pop figures yourself? Which ones?

VP: I have so many Funko Pop figures! From Star Wars at Disney or Marvel. Definitely I’ll buy Funko Pop figure of Ghostbusters , X-files and Ninja Turtles. And Strawberry Shortcake of course! Even my four cats love them, they always play with my Funko Pop that I have on my desk while I’m working!

GB: My daughter is working on collecting the Scooby-Doo series, she’s Scooby-obsessed!


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Regular Cover: by Valentina Pinto

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