Deviations – Chris Ryall Discusses Departing from the Norm

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This March IDW presents Deviations! What is Deviations and why are we doing it? Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall is here to give you the scoop:



Without giving too much away, what exactly is Deviations?

Deviations is, basically, a look at some of the bigger properties we publish, all of which have had many big, notable moments in their history, where we explore a divergent path in those storylines.

What led to you wanting to do this type of event?

All of the titles that make up this 5-week event have featured stories that have led to fun fan debates over what might have happened if a big event had gone another way, whether in past comics, TV series, or movies. So this is taking a big, fan-favorite moment and spinning that story in another direction to explore what could’ve been.

What series will be involved?

The series, and the catalyst for the stories, are:

Ghostbusters: “In a world… where the Ghostbusters NEVER crossed streams!”
G.I. JOE: “In a world… where COBRA turns the table on G.I. JOE.”
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: “In a world… where Shredder leads the Turtles.”
Transformers: “In a world… where Optimus Prime never died!”
The X-Files: “In a world… where young Fox Mulder was abducted by aliens!”

What’s your favorite “What If…” comic?

I was always a big fan of Frank Miller’s take on “What If Elektra Had Lived?” from the original series. In most of those old comics, the “what-if” story always ended far worse for the characters than in the regular series. Whether that was just to do big, explosive things in those comics or to assure readers things like “See? It’s much better that Phoenix DID die,” they usually all ended very badly. Miller’s Elektra tale, not so much—he took things in another direction entirely, and handled it all in unique fashion. Which is the goal here—anyone can play “what if?” games with stories but we’re really striving for these comics to do surprising, unexpected things. And who knows, if they go over well enough, maybe they could lead to entirely new series of this divergent timeline.


Look for more info on creative teams, covers and more, tomorrow on:  Updated! Check out these articles for the full story! 

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