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Cobra #1 is Now Available!

  New #1! New Story Arc! COBRA CIVIL WAR TIE-IN!   COBRA #1 Click here for a preview! Mike Costa (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Zach Howard x 3 (c) The “COBRA CIVIL WAR” begins in earnest! COBRA COMMANDER IS DEAD… long live COBRA Commander! The only problem is… there are NINE candidates for

Get TRANSFORMERS: Rising Storm #4 Today!

  The last issue of TRANSFORMERS: Rising Storm is finally here. Don’t miss out, and buy your copy today!     TRANSFORMERS: Rising Storm #4 (of 4) Click here for a preview! John Barber (w) • Carlos Magno (a) • Brian Rood (c) Just as OPTIMUS PRIME stands ready to score a decisive victory against

Jericho Season Three Coming in June

  IDW and CBS Consumer Products launch graphic novel continuation of TV’s cult classic   IDW Publishing and CBS Consumer Products today announced the graphic novel continuation of the cult favorite television show that the fans would not let die—JERICHO! Picking up directly from the finale of CBS’s post-apocalyptic drama, IDW’s graphic novel will collect

IDW Comics Launch on Nokia’s Ovi Store

Premier publisher at the forefront of digital distribution Debuts with over 100 top titles, including TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE and Star Trek IDW Publishing today announced that it will debut the company’s most popular properties including TRANSFORMERS, Star Trek, G.I. JOE, Dragon Age, Witch & Wizard, Astro Boy, Danger Girl, Dreamland Chronicles and Ghostbusters on Nokia’s

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 11 Coming in January

      Mumbles joins Gould’s expanding rogue’s gallery!   Chester Gould’s The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 11 Chester Gould (w & a & c) This volume introduces Mumbles—one of Dick Tracy’s greatest villains—and sees Tracy form the Crime Stoppers Club, teaching young boys and girls crime detection techniques. The fascinating (and sometimes grotesque) parade