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The Silver Age Batman Next For Hardcover Treatment

IDW And The Library Of American Comics Next Team-Up! San Diego, CA (December 11, 2013) – Renowned for its Eisner and Harvey Award-winning archival work, IDW’s The Library of American Comics will continue its collaboration with DC Entertainment by collecting the Batman’s Silver Age newspaper strips in a matching format to the Silver Age Superman series! Hot

Star Trek: Khan Wallpaper!

Bring the stunning cover art of Star Trek: Khan #3 by Paul Shipper to your digital devices now with this wallpaper.  Several different sizes are available to download below! Phone & Tablets Android 640×480 Android 960×720 iPad Retina iPad iPhone Desktops Standard 1024×768 Standard 1600×1200 Standard 2560×1920 HD 1280×720 HD 1920×1080 HD 2560×1440 Wide 1680×1050

Judge Dredd Takes On Mega-City Two

New Judge Dredd Mini-Series Debuts From IDW

This January, duty calls Judge Dredd to the West Coast, in the destructive new miniseries Mega-City Two: City of Courts! After entering a partnership with Rebellion/2000 AD, IDW has explored Dredd’s past in Year One, and taken him “Into the Cursed Earth” in his ongoing title, but with a truly unique creative team on Mega-City Two, Dredd will go up against the unfamiliar and depraved like never before!

Yoe Books! Falls Down Another Rabbit Hole With Alice In Comicland

Alice Seen Through The Comic Book Looking Glass San Diego, CA (December 9, 2013) – Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most beloved novels ever written as well as considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre.  So it only makes sense that IDW Publishing and Yoe Books! would

Mask Of The Red Panda Leaps From Digital

Monkeybrain’s pulp adventure comes to IDW!   San Diego, CA (December 6, 2013) – The story of “the two-fisted masked guardian” is set in Depression-era Toronto where gangsters, gunmen, and even super villains run rampant…or they would be if it weren’t for the city’s protector, the Red Panda and his trusty sidekick, the “fearless fighting female”, the Flying