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Find Your Hero – Marty McFly

He’s making grades, going to class, and burning up fret boards in the future and the past. He nails sick skateboard tricks wearing only the freshest kicks as he carves his way out of the movies and into the comic that you hold in your hands. His name? Marty McFly, and you can find this hero in the pages of your favorite IDW comics.

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Follow the adventures of the Universe’s greatest heroes each and every month at your local comic store or online.

Find Your Hero, A Letter From The Editor

For a lot of comic book readers, the hero’s journey is a captivating one. As fans, we thrill at the exploits of our favorite caped combatants, marvel at their ability to overcome any odds against the most vile of villains, and read on in fits of suspense when they appear on the verge of failure!