Ed's Terrestrials

Ed's Terrestrials is a great All Ages story filled with fun and adventure by Scott Christian Sava and Diego Jourdan.
Three aliens escape from their dreary life working at the Intergalactic Food Court. While being chased by Mall Security officer, Maximus Obliterus, Al, Gus, and Marcello hijack a space ship to Earth and crash land into Ed's Treehouse. Ed befriends the aliens and helps them bring more aliens to Earth. Ed's job is to help them blend in and become more human. Meanwhile Maximus Obliterus makes a reluctant alliance with Ed's nemesis, the spoiled brat Natalie. Together they hope to capture the aliens and, of course, get Natalie lots of Shiny, Pretty things. In the end, Ed must learn to trust his new friends and have faith in himself.


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