Transformers: Movie Adaptation

Our world. Their war. But they’ve been here for a long time—the search for the AllSpark bringing the first Decepticon to Earth millions of years ago, a quest sidetracked by the inescapable grip of arctic ice. Yet as we learned in the Movie Prequel, not all treasures stay lost. Now the brutal war between Autobots and Decepticons is rekindled, putting all of mankind at risk. And just as it seems there is no hope for peace, a burgeoning friendship between a robot from beyond the stars and a young boy might hold the key to ending the war forever.

Picking up directly where the Movie Prequel left off, this adaptation of the big-screen Transformers blockbuster includes the entire four-issue series, as well as design sketches, cover gallery and an exclusive movie photo gallery.  

Cover Gallery


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