Transformers: Beast Wars: Omnibus


Transformers: Beast Wars Omnibus::March 2009Get a firm grasp on the entire Transformers: Beast Wars universe with this collection of The Gathering, The Ascending, and The Beast Wars Sourcebook!

In The Gathering, Razorbeast and his fellow Maximals prevent rogue Predacon leader Magmatron from raising an army on Earth to wage war against Cybertron. But in The Ascending, Magmatron, now a disembodied entity, existing out of time and space, is witness to Cybertron’s unchecked descent into chaos and madness, all of which is a prelude to its complete and utter destruction! Powerless to directly affect this terrifying apocalypse, Magmatron’s last, desperate recourse is to try and bring his greatest enemy, Razorbeast, together with fellow Maximals Lio Convoy and The Pack. Whatever happens will determine the fate of both Cybertron and the Earth! Also included in this special collection is the entire Beast Wars Sourcebook, an in-depth look at the characters that inhabit the Beast Wars universe — bios, weaknesses, abilities, and more are presented alongside vibrant renditions by some of Transformers most revered artistic talents!


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