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August 11, 2017


Greetings from the other side of San Diego Comicon!

It was a whirlwind this year with amazing panels,

interviews, parties and general comics chaos!


A few highlights in pictures below:

The side of the IDW booth looked epic

with Philip Bond’s street art design on display.


Mere minutes before the BLACK CROWN panel,

four poseurs play it up for the camera.



Left to right: Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered, and Beguiled!

Or Tini Howard, Tess Fowler, Shelly Bond, and Philip Bond.


It was grand swag central at IDW’s BLACK CROWN!


We handed out the fantastic BLACK CROWN PREVIEW:
A Tourist’s Guide to IDWs New Creator-Owned Curation Operation.
Check your local comics retailer for a hard copy.


The big announcement at the show was the grand union of Tini Howard (The Skeptics, Rick and Morty, Hack/Slash) and Gilbert Hernandez (Love And Rockets) on ASSASSINISTAS!

Tini explains the high concepts succinctly, “ASSASSINISTAS is what happens when Dominic Price takes a semester off with his boyfriend, his mom, and $40,000 worth of black market bounty-hunting equipment.”

In other news, Gilbert and his brother Jaime were inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame! You may know that their contributions to comics are vast. But did you know they’re the youngest inductees? 


In other other news, this is the sound of KID LOBOTOMY #1,
our debut title, on its way to Korea. HIT THE PRESS!



This is the sound of the back cover!
Wallpaper design by PJ Bond. Thanks to DoomRocket
for an epic back cover pull quote! (We corrected
the capitalization before it actually went to press.)


Hope to see you in NYC for the BLACK CROWN
LAUNCH PARTY with writer Peter Milligan

and artist Tess Fowler!



Until then, keep your pints full and your eyes glued to our
social media accounts for more art ops and info!
From the only pub that brings you art + alchemy,
opulence + madness, BLACK CROWN!



July 14, 2017





See you at SAN DIEGO COMICON next week!  

Be on the lookout for a FREE 16-page sneak peek

at what’s coming soon from BLACK CROWN HQ! 


And for $10.00 pick up this swanky pin

also available at the IDW booth!


Available at the IDW booth #2743






July 7, 2017












June 30, 2017






June 23rd, 2017

Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit E, wherein we reveal more inner

mechanics of Mister Milligan’s script for KID LOBOTOMY,



Kid’s Big Sister, ROSEBUD, with a couple of cockroaches

including colorist Lee Loughridge.  Art by Tess Fowler.



A STREET CALLED CHAOS is still under construction

but much will be revealed in 4 weeks at SAN DIEGO COMICON!

The BLACK CROWN panel is scheduled for —

wait for it — Friday, July 21 @ 4:30 PST! 



See you next week at the cross street of GREAT YARN & CANON

for more BLACK CROWN sneak peeks as we count down to

SAN DIEGO COMICON (cue beads of sweat)! 

T-minus 26 days and counting

(wipes brow, cracks knuckles)!


June 16th, 2017


—wherein we welcome the weekend with a day-in-the-life driveby.


ADI:  I get up at 10 am, when morning is ripe enough to be plucked from its winsome branch. 

BOND:  (note to self: Is this guy for real? Check his credentials.)

ADI:  The first hour is one of calm meditation, accompanied by a supple tea brewed by a traditional Indian method. 

BOND:  Hold, on.  Explain yourself, Adi! I only drink PG TIPS! That’s the timed, 3-minute English Breakfast brew also enjoyed by IDW CCO/the boss, Chris Ryall.

ADI:  The next hour is one of consultation, of communication, connection with my fellow humans. By noon, the tea is done and I sit at my desk to work. And that, frankly, is where it all goes wrong. 

BOND:  hahahahaha.  I guess that really depends on the font, right, Adi? I mean, some of those pesky buggers have kerning issues and bugs that will not resolve themselves in a public setting!

ADI:  >ahem< No comment.

BOND:  What’s your favorite SFX?

ADI:  My favorite SFX is ‘ShaBOOM’ – surprisingly versatile, sounds mildly salacious without being gauche.

BOND:   It sounds like one of Prince’s rejected lyrics for “Cream, shaBOOGIE bop.” Which is not a bad thing. What’s its general usage?

ADI:  Haha, it’s for explosions with a slight run-up, like dynamite or some such. So you draw the ‘sha’ small, and the ‘BOOM’ goes big! For times when krakaDOOM feels too macho.

BOND:  I like macho.  Some say I AM macho.  But I digress.  How did you get into comics?

ADI:  My uncle used to get me those digest-sized comics when I was a kid. Then I discovered horror comics as a teenager, and I haven’t looked back since. (Literally — turns out reading comics hunched up in bed for your entire teenage years is not good for your neck.) 

BOND:  (note to self: Do not recommend that Adi try stand-up.  Clearly he has trouble sitting down).

BOND:  What was your first job?

ADI:  Like many in the glamorous world of comics, I first worked retail for a bakery chain. It was as exciting as it was well-paying. 

BOND:  What’s your favorite comic that you’ve lettered so far?

ADI:  Oh, there’s been so many over the years. There was one a couple of years ago– Wait, you want me to say KID LOBOTOMY, right? What’s the deal with this line of questioning?

BOND:  As if! You seem to be accusing me of being a shameless self-promoter.  I oughta—


BOND:  Adi, who’s your favorite editor to work with and why?

ADI:  That sounds suspiciously like a trick question. I think I should be going now.

BOND:  No wait!  Seriously, who’s your favorite editor who curates and champions creators great and small from vile, demented comics veterans like [name redacted] to neophytes ripe for honing into household names?

ADI:  Okay, very funny, let me out of here. Wait, why is the door locked? What’s with the–are those … cockroaches? Oh my god, that’s– [SILENCE]

While we’re on the subject of cockroaches…

here’s a word from KID LOBOTOMY

co-creator/ writer, Peter Milligan.


Years ago my favourite band was Warped Logic. I saw them supporting The Pistols that night Rotten split his jeans revealing Paul Smith underwear, forever ruining his Punk cred. No, wait, that’s all a lie. There was no band called Warped Logic.  But I was emailing with Tess Fowler this morning, after seeing some of her sketches for KID LOBOTOMY, and saying how massively into this book I am and how it seems to have its own warped logic.  Talking of warped, I’m enjoying working with uber editor Shelly Bond on this book, too.  I couldn’t be happier if a cockroach crawled out of my nose and said it was running for president. KID LOBOTOMY.  It gets under your skin. 

Editor’s note:  And possibly into your tea!  

Look out, Milligan!

Join us next week for more convivial times at the BLACK CROWN PUB happy hour!  Oh and since you’ve stayed for the credits, here’s something extra for your patience and viewing pleasure!  KID LOBOTOMY #1 Colors by Lee Loughridge and art by Tess Fowler.  

June 9th, 2017


— wherein we welcome the weekend with a day-in-the-life driveby. 


PETER MILLIGAN, writer of the upcoming 


I get up early, go through a number of complex exercises that are illegal in five states of America, breakfast on a bowl of fried cockroaches, clear my head, gird my loins, sharpen my pituitary gland and get down to work.  With a cup of coffee.

Favorite SFX: SPLLLT, the sound a rotten apple makes when falling on Isaac Newton’s head.

TESS FOWLER, artist of the ongoing series, KID LOBOTOMY, coming this OCTOBER

8am: Wake to the sound of existential dread.

9am: Anxiety settles in for daily stranglehold. Hullo, Old Chum.

11am: Hook self up to caffeine drip.

1pm: Inking pages taped to art table. Internal engine chugging.Podcast playing via Xbox in background.

3pm: E-mail from Boss lady. Usually haha funny. Usually full of updates and good ideas. Sometimes scary. Always intimidating.

5pm: Feed cat. He’s biting my ankles.

7pm: More inking.

8pm: Dinner. Usually takeout. Often sushi or ramen. Sometimes sammiches.

10pm: Engine dies.

(During deadlines schedule flips. i.e. Night owl monster-mode activate)

Favorite SFX:


In real life: velcro


In comics: thunder


A SPLASH OF (color) THUNDER– color by Lee Loughridge,

art by Fowler from KID LOBOTOMY #1 


EDITOR’S PREROGATIVE, exhibit AA. The *instant appeal* word balloon, wherein the editor reads a script for the first time and can’t help herself.  Writes anything/everything that sticks to her ribs. Now on display for the masses, the following is an excerpt from the first script from a new series to be announced at San Diego Comic Con this year which is less than six weeks away holy shit.  Expect explosions, People.




It is with great pleasure that I officially announce that the BLACK CROWN PUB has a permanent house band:  Introducing CUD!  Play Loud and know that you’ll be the first to hear about some exciting news about CUD + BLACK CROWN in the weeks to come.  That’s right:  Let’s silence the naysayers who continue to spout that old bloody chestnut that comics + music do not mix!  They are comfortable bedfellows, my friends,

I kid you not, sharing in spirits, society nerds and hotel hijinx!

Thanks for imbibing with us and be here every Friday @ 4:00

PST/Midnite UTC for updates relating to the fascinating fine art

of this glorious curation operation.

June 2, 2017


The hotel that’s homebase for KID LOBOTOMY,

the debut title from BLACK CROWN, is called “The Suites.”

It’s located on the upper right hand side of

the street behind the Black Crown pub.

You can reach it via a back alley.



Dear Internet,

I write this to you from the belly of an elephant. Following Mr. M down that staircase was maybe a mistake. He took the flashlight. But he left my ink and brushes.

Send help.

Or tacos.

Issue 2 is calling. The Boss Lady says I have to answer. Gotta go kids.

Until next time.

Thanks for joining us at the Black Crown Pub Happy Hour.

Be here next week for more convivial times!

It’s the only way to welcome the weekend!

May 26, 2017

KID LOBOTOMY is a dark, demented monthly satire

that follows a dysfunctional family of hoteliers in the throes

of survival which includes, but is certainly not limited to,

sibling rivalry, insanity, a shapeshifter, and a serial killer…?

The hotel that’s homebase for KID LOBOTOMY,

the debut title from BLACK CROWN, is called “The Suites.”

It’s located on the upper right hand side of

the street behind the Black Crown pub.

You can reach it via a back alley.

The titular character, Kid, wears many faces.

Here are a few as captured by co-creator/artist Tess Fowler.

Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit G, script page from

KID LOBOTOMY #2 by Peter Milligan.

Sometimes the best lines in a comic book script don’t make it onto the printed page. And no, it’s not because all editors are wannabe writers and take out their frustrations with an obscene amount of red ink. It’s simply because in many cases, the brilliant phrasing is only committed to the page within the panel description. Writing clear, concise art direction in a comic book script is as important as pithy narrative captions or sharp dialogue. Often, the writer has no idea that some panel descriptions are adored all the same by an inspired artist or editor – not to be confused with an editor who watches Netflix all day unbeknownst to the boss! I’ve seen it all, People! (Note to self: before posting this entry, make sure last line is redacted so as not to be misconstrued by the real boss/Guinness drinker Chris Ryall).

A hotel called THE SUITES.

A guest named… O’MILLIGAN???

Thanks for joining us at the Black Crown Pub Happy Hour.

Be here next week for more convivial times!

It’s the only way to welcome the weekend!

May 19, 2017

The hotel that’s homebase for KID LOBOTOMY,

the debut title from BLACK CROWN, is called “The Suites.”

It’s located on the upper right hand side of

the street behind the Black Crown pub.

You can reach it via a back alley.


from pencils and partial inks…


…to finished inks and color.


Kid reads Kafka, Sister Rosebud reads Big Daddy like

a big, thick hardcover graphic novel.

An excerpt of the correlating script page from KID LOBOTOMY #1:



The front cover to a wraparound set on Canon Street

A wall inside Black Crown HQ

A Kid with an angry E-string

Thanks for your patronage! We look forward to seeing you

next week at the BLACK CROWN PUB, where Happy Hour

is a weekly necessity. Fridays at 4:00 PST/Midnite UTC.

Know your rights! All rights reserved.


May 12, 2017

The hotel that’s homebase for KID LOBOTOMY, the debut

title from BLACK CROWN, is called “The Suites.”

It’s located on the upper right-hand side of the

street behind the Black Crown pub.

You can reach it via a back alley.


KID LOBOTOMY #1 page 4 pencils and inks

by co-creator/artist Tess Fowler



Kid’s band “Stage of Fools” is live on stage.

“When were you wont to be so full of songs, sirrah?”

Or in modern parlance, “What gives, Kid?”

Find out in KID LOBOTOMY #1,

in stores this October.


Inks in progress of the family unit: Kid, Sis and Big Daddy.

Kid is a fan of hi-brow literature, his head a capacious vault of

secrets — not unlike what’s buried beneath

the floorboards of “The Suites.”



When it comes to Kid, Ottla the Chambermaid provides

much more than exceptional dust-bunny removal,

pillow talk and a 600+ thread count.

Regret, A Free-Spirited Jerk & the Cold Meat Counter.

A Q & A with KID LOBOTOMY co-creator/writer

Peter MILLIGAN & co-creator/artist Tess FOWLER.

Excerpted from an interview by Eve Stranger for

The Convivial Times. Portraits of the creators by Tess Fowler.

What year in your life would you like to do over?


MILLIGAN: The year I didn’t kiss Brigit Spooner by the cold meat counter.

FOWLER: None of them. The worst of my mistakes helped build my strengths.


Finish the following sentences:


I wanted to be ___


MILLIGAN: Brigit Spooner’s wild lover.

FOWER: a mother.


I didn’t succeed at ___


MILLIGAN: See above.

FOWLER: learning to swim.


I suck at ___


MILLIGAN: See above.

FOWLER: walking into dark rooms to turn on the light when it’s not next to the door.


What song do you wish you had written and why?


MILLIGAN: “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” because I’m miserable. [sans Brigit Spooner perchance…? sigh…]
((no, just generally miserable-PM))

FOWLER: Gordon Lightfoot’s “For Loving Me” because it’s the song of every young artist who’s inevitably a free-spirited jerk for some period of time.



Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit D, getting to know him.




Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit E, upon which editor and writer

conduct a meeting via email. KID MINDMELD.




Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit F. Observe how artist Tess Fowler

scores points with her editor, a veritable 4 X 4 visual assault!



Thanks for joining us at the BLACK CROWN Pub.

See you next week for more mercurial madness,

good company and a glorious cacophony!


May 5th, 2017



The hotel that’s the homebase for KID LOBOTOMY,

the debut title from BLACK CROWN, is called “The Suites.”


It’s located on the upper right hand side of the street behind the

Black Crown pub. You can reach it via a back alley.


Introducing The Night Manager from the upcoming

debut series KID LOBOTOMY. Character design by

co-creator/artist Tess Fowler.

“Like a vampire, she only comes out at night and represents

the dark, feminine side of Kid’s mind/personality. Narcissistic,

violent, dangerous, spoiled. A kind of demon.

Scares the hell out of Kid.”

— Peter Milligan, co-creator/writer

Editor’s Prerogative: Truckloads of tears from energy

spent ripping prose to ribbons.

Architect’s Leanings:

Thanks for sharing your Friday night with us. Be here

next week @ the corner of Great Yarn and Canon for more

intoxicated ramblings from all of us at the BLACK CROWN PUB.

Introducing the one and only BIG DADDY.

Character design by co-creator/artist Tess Fowler.

“In a cracked echo of King Lear and Metamorphosis,

hotelier Big Daddy chooses to hand the management of

‘The Suites’ to his unstable son – the eponymous Kid –

rather than Kid’s older sister Rosebud, who considers

herself more deserving, loving and business-like.”

–Peter Milligan

Clavicles, champagne and hot tacos feature in the febrile minds of co-creator/writer Peter MILLIGAN and co-creator/artist Tess FOWLER. A Q & A by Eve Stranger excerpted from The Convivial Times.

What’s a misconception about you?

MILLIGAN: That I live a fabulously luxurious life reading romantic poetry and arguing about existentialists with difficult French women. I stopped all that two weeks ago.

FOWLER: That I’m cruel. Any vocal woman gets painted with the same brush.

You and a bottle of $$$ champagne are joined by 2 famous writers or artists (living or dead) for a picnic in the Jarman Gardens at The Suites. Who’s in attendance and what does she/he bring?

MILLIGAN: Ah. James Joyce would have to be there. And as I’m writing Kid Lobotomy I’d have to have Franz Kafka. I could practice my rubbish German, and Joyce and I would get to neck all of the champagne. Kafka would bring his first draft of Metamorphosis. And Joyce would bring the fictional character Molly Bloom (we need a bit of female company). Problem is, Molly might get stuck into the booze, too. Yes I said yes I will Yes.

FOWLER: First we toss that champagne and snag a bottle of Laphroaig. I’d want to invite Michelangelo but there’s the language barrier thing. So probably Frida Kahlo. She’d bring the tequila and the enchiladas. I’d also invite Frank Frazetta. Since I never got to meet him in real life and I still have so many questions. I like to think he’d bring the meat and potatoes. I could be wrong. But that’s what I picture. Also he’d probably be annoyed with me for dragging him because who the fuck am I, but I imagine he’d see Frida and she’d get him to stay.

What do you find beautiful?

MILLIGAN: Sunrise on the Amalfi coast. Or sundown in the Australian outback.

FOWLER: Kindness, clavicles, hands, beards, baby knuckle dimples, old people wrinkles, cat toe beans, LA dirty side alleys, vintage lanterns, hot tacos, Scotland…

Editor’s Prerogative, upon closer inspection on the Milligan

character assassination charge, we present exhibit C:

Thanks for keeping it modern at the Black Crown Pub.

See you in 7 for another round of bollocks and bravado.

Introducing GERVAIS: the dashing, delicate,

dubious hotel reception clerk at The Suites

where the cast of KID LOBOTOMY resides.

Character design by Tess Fowler.

Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit A:

Wherein we expose Tess Fowler’s rough thumbnails for KID LOBOTOMY

and see how the editor uses arcane methods to evaluate and record said storytelling.

Editor’s Prerogative, exhibit B:

Wherein we express extreme sorrow regarding writer Peter Milligan’s fine contributions.

Thanks for joining us at the Black Crown Pub.
See you next week for more convivial times & crimes!
A 4-color cocktail (c) solid bond ink + drink/save me a diet coke w/an orange slice.
All rights reserved.


Architectural Map of the street in progress by Le Confusiér

Co-creator/artist Tess Fowler’s first pencils and inks for KID LOBOTOMY #1.

Thanks for joining us at the Black Crown Pub. Be here next week for more convivial times replete with sordid secrets, arresting artwork and fancy five finger (c) o’milligan, inc. drink specials.




Introducing Rosebud, Kid Lobotomy’s big sister. Character drawing by Tess Fowler.

Thanks for joining us at the Black Crown Pub for our first Happy Hour.

See you again next week for more artwork, secrets revealed and fancy drink specials.